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Malibu, Ca

Throughout my life I have felt my maternal instincts deep within.  Working with children through the years, I was able to understand the role of a mother only slightly, and I often wondered how my spirit would continue to expand in the presence of my own child.  These changes were beyond profound, and in the moment we conceived our star child, I transitioned into the all encompassing realm of Mother.

I had already been mentoring children from all walks of life for many years at this point, and I had adopted them into my heart joyfully, holding the space that was available to help guide them toward the healthiest, happiest, and most fulfilling path they could imagine.  What had started out as musical therapy, became a much more in depth experience of mutual transformation when I began working with children who were fighting terminal and chronic illnesses.  After having observed that their parents were quite overwhelmed, I stepped into a role of deep investigation into their personal ailments, and rapidly gathered any and all information that could assist in their healing journey toward perfect health.  This began in the realm of organic food, pure water, and superfood supplements, but it did not end there.  There really is no end to the powerful healing essences our Great Mother Earth has provided for our every need.  We need only to continue to seek out and expand into these magical blessings of harmonic resonance to discover for ourselves the true medicines that can assist us in becoming the most vibrant versions of ourselves.

This magnificent journey has inspired the creation of these skin and soul care products. Each of my blends has been created for specific ailments intended for a close friend or family member, and the healing results of their use has been truly awe inspiring.  The most universally relevant creations I offer now to you.   All ingredients are made with organic, wildcrafted, biodynamic, and hydro-distilled essences.  All packaging is in Miron violet glass, which is known to preserve and enhance the quality of the essences it contains.

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11 AM- 8 PM

The drum is a sacred instrument that invokes the heart and speaks a universal language. Its rhythmic heartbeat is at the center of ceremonies held by people all over the world. The shamanic drum is used to communicate with the Spirit and to connect our hearts with the heartbeat of the Earth. It is a powerful medicine that heals the body, heart, mind, and spirit.  We will be making one-sided hand drums, using wooden frames made of maple and deer, elk or buffalo hide, and sinew.


In this workshop Brooke, Matt, and Shola will come together in a sacred space to share the techniques to create our own ceremonial drums and learn a frame drum-tying technique that was taught to us by our teacher and and elder, Maestro Manuel Rufino.

The creation of the drum is a prayer and a ceremony in itself. We will work with our drums as a visioning meditation for our lives and our paths, so that our thoughts and intentions remain in a high vibration as we create the drums and through that process they become part of the drums.

Each participant will paint and build their drum while sharing and listening to sacred songs from different Native traditions.

Cost of the workshop includes art materials and drum supplies.

Please choose one of the following:

$240 for 16" Deer, Elk or Buffalo Drum

$260 for 18" Deer, Elk or Buffalo Drum

Please register by Friday August 5th in order to reserve your place.

Send an email to telling us your drum skin and size preference.

Send your FULL DEPOSIT through Paypal to by Friday August 5th to insure that your materials will arrive on time.

Later Event: August 18
Full Moon Sound Bath Meditation