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Throughout my life I have felt my maternal instincts deep within.  Working with children through the years, I was able to understand the role of a mother only slightly, and I often wondered how my spirit would continue to expand in the presence of my own child.  These changes were beyond profound, and in the moment we conceived our star child, I transitioned into the all encompassing realm of Mother.

I had already been mentoring children from all walks of life for many years at this point, and I had adopted them into my heart joyfully, holding the space that was available to help guide them toward the healthiest, happiest, and most fulfilling path they could imagine.  What had started out as musical therapy, became a much more in depth experience of mutual transformation when I began working with children who were fighting terminal and chronic illnesses.  After having observed that their parents were quite overwhelmed, I stepped into a role of deep investigation into their personal ailments, and rapidly gathered any and all information that could assist in their healing journey toward perfect health.  This began in the realm of organic food, pure water, and superfood supplements, but it did not end there.  There really is no end to the powerful healing essences our Great Mother Earth has provided for our every need.  We need only to continue to seek out and expand into these magical blessings of harmonic resonance to discover for ourselves the true medicines that can assist us in becoming the most vibrant versions of ourselves.

This magnificent journey has inspired the creation of these skin and soul care products. Each of my blends has been created for specific ailments intended for a close friend or family member, and the healing results of their use has been truly awe inspiring.  The most universally relevant creations I offer now to you.   All ingredients are made with organic, wildcrafted, biodynamic, and hydro-distilled essences.  All packaging is in Miron violet glass, which is known to preserve and enhance the quality of the essences it contains.


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Change is upon us.  All matter in our Universe is constantly in motion.  Nature is our graceful guide through this continual expansion as we travel at mind numbing speeds, endlessly swirling and spinning our psychospiritual selves through space-time.  

Enjoying this journey of discovery, and implementing positive changes are key to evolving the light that has travelled since the dawn of time to shine within us now.  Our ability to dance with the flow and currents in life enable us to flourish and grow with the gifts and wisdom transitions can bring.  

Inspired by the cyclical phases of the Moon, and re-educating ourselves with the natural expressions of time, we come into a deeper understanding of the uniquely profound gift each universal moment holds for every one of us.

Learning how to expand our consciousnesscultivate intuition, and simultaneously
manifest our desires can require a quieting of the mind, and a harmonious balance with internal and external stimuli.

This process of refinement is the ancient art of Alchemy: transforming elements into their higher states, and matter into spirit.  Just as Gold is thought to have been created by neutron stars colliding, we experience some of the same intensity in our emotional states in regard to condensing and revolving within emotional themes that eventually collide to produce a golden epiphany of evolution.

 Communing with Gold has long been thought to be a vital part of the 'Elixir of Life' - the secret of longevity and eternal youth.  Wisdom and Gratitude can also be crystalized in this process, as well as the refinement of one of our most precious spiritual inheritances: Intuition. 

The human brain is made up of 5% Monatomic Ormus elements, therefor supplementing with this formula helps to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain, while also bringing a calm centered heart-space awareness to the thoughts and patterns of thinking that often dominate the mind.  A useful aid in meditation, as well as increasing metal alertness, and energizing visualization of desires.  These harmonic elements neutralize free radicals by binding to them and rendering them harmless.  With the addition of the Rose and White Lotus essential oils, this superhero combination brings one into a synergistic state of blissful surrender and eagle eye focus.

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Lotus is helpful in connecting the mind and the heart, activating the crown chakra, third eye, throat and heart chakras.  Lotus flower has long been revered for it's ability to rise above the watery depths and bloom at the surface of being, often symbolizing enlightenment, beauty, purity, divinity, sensuality and sexuality.  It has also been shown to increase Melanin production.

Symbolism of the Rose
 "A highly complex symbol; it is ambivalent as both heavenly perfection and earthly passion; the flower is both Time and Eternity, life and death, fertility and virginity. In the Occident, the rose and lily occupy the position of the lotus in the Orient. In the symbolism of the heart, the rose occupies the central point of the cross, the point of unity. The red and white rose together represent the union of fire and water, the union of opposite. In Alchemy, the rose is wisdom and therosarium the Work; it is also the rebirth of the spiritual after the death of the temporal. In Hebrew Qabalism, the center of the rose is the sun and the petals the infinite, but harmonious, diversities of Nature. The rose emanates from the Tree of Life. In Hinduism, the lotus parallels the symbolism of the MysticRose as a spiritual center, especially in the chakras. " – J.C. Cooper's Encyclopedia of Traditional Symbols (1978), pp. 141-14

We are extending the celebration of summertime with the release of ROSE LOTUS ORMUS GOLD.  This elementally activating formula is a superconductor of consciousness, and has been created by five Artisan Alchemists.  
As we begin the transition into the golden hour of this cherished season, we are reminded to be in the now of this moment, forging new focus with inspiration, meditation, and gratitude for the blessings of our guiding light.


Featured in Malibu Newspaper


Paula Ferraro was featured in Malibu Newspaper July 23, 2014


In ancient Tao folklore, the words “music” and “scent” share the same root. For Malibu resident Paula Ferraro, the process of achieving auditory and olfactory art is also one in the same. 

“Ancient alchemy is a very spiritual process; you’re dealing with the soul and the essence of the plant,” Ferraro said. “I can relate to that because I’ve been churning and distilling my own energy into music and poetry for so long. It’s all the same art form in a way.”

It was through Ferraro’s journey with musical healing — working with Music 4 The Kids, an organization that pairs chronically ill children with artists — that she first began to reflect on wellness and the for-profit medical industry. While her own music sessions with hospitalized children were an unorthodox approach to healing, Ferraro said she was able to witness profound changes in the children around her, reinforcing her belief in self-empowering healthcare.

“Every session we’d basically start from scratch in a group setting, channeling the energy of the group,” Ferraro said. “Everybody would just come together — almost like a ceremony — for the united purpose of making the song. I loved the magic of moment recordings where you’ve just gotten everything right; you’re not over-thinking it so you’d capture the energy of the group right at that moment. It was a medicinal, alchemical, spiritual experience.” 

But it wasn’t until Ferraro became pregnant with her daughter that the roots of what has now become her line of blended essential oils and all natural skin care products, Scents of Awe, began to form.

“I went into a hyper-researching phase where I was just researching everything I possibly could,” Ferraro said. “It was so eye-opening to me when I realized that whatever you put on your skin, it’s as if you’re drinking it – it’s in your bloodstream within 30-60 seconds. So I just decided to start from scratch and I started making balms for my belly.”

From there, the business grew “gradually and naturally,” Ferraro said. What began as high vibe essences, oils and balms that she blended for herself and her newborn, developed into requests from friends and family who had sampled her work and benefitted from its healing abilities.

Ferraro now has her products in a boutique in Venice, and is developing scents and skin care for several larger retailers on top of maintaining her online shop.   

“I’m a full time mom so all of this just happened; I just followed the yes’s and it’s taken me to a really beautiful place,” Ferraro said. “I’m trying to empower people to go more back into nature, to take their health back into their own hands. All of these essences are out there and they’ve got such potency and such rich, amazing history behind them. It’s right at people’s fingertips, they just don’t necessarily know how to use it.”

Many of Ferraro’s most popular products — her Dream Creme, Splendid Scar Healer, Lavender Wand and SuperMama First Aid blend — originated from her own experiences with her now 4-year-old daughter, who she actively works with to instill a sense of respect and reverence for nature. At their Las Flores Canyon home, Ferraro cultivates several gardens and tends to the wild plants and animals that she and her daughter have grown to call their friends. 

Before Ferraro and her husband settled in Malibu four years ago, Ferraro had spent the last decade traveling the world, “never in one place for more than a month,” she said. But in Malibu, she has found a place that not only inspires her work and her lifestyle, but truly feels like home.

“This is Chumash territory, and we treat it as such,” Ferraro said. “When I was a kid I remember thinking, ‘I’m going to have a place in the middle of the woods and I’m going to watch the deer come by.’ This was the place I dreamed of when I was 7 years old.”

Ashleigh Fryer, Senior Editor



"Seeing our own smallness is called insight. 
Honoring our own tenderness is called strength."
-Lao Tzu

Mother's Day was originally conceptualized by Julia Ward Howe in 1870 when she wrote a powerful "Mother's Day Proclamation" encouraging all women of the world to unite for world peace.  Holding space for peaceful expression of feelings and desires is one of the greatest tasks every Mother undertakes, and the journey is a lifelong revolution of constant co-evolution.  

Being a Mother is a sensitizing experience.  You become more sensitive to inner and outer worlds, everything and everyone around you, seen and unseen.   In this awakening you become a child again, full of wonder and curiosity, constantly stimulated and inspired to renew your sense of belonging in this world.  You also learn to feel suffering more profoundly.  In an instant your child can take a fall or misjudge a target and the world comes crashing down with a burst of raw and painful emotions; learning to manage these high pressure and often time sensitive healing processes is often a tricky guessing game of soothing techniques, for everyone involved. Aside from deep breathing, visualization, and pure lovelight, one thing I have found that really does make it all much better is Helichrysum Essential Oil.  

Growing at high altitudes on the island of Corsica, which is situated between the Italian coast of Tuscany and the southern French Riviera, Helichrysum is both frost and drought tolerant and is so resilient it is often found growing through rocks. It is also known asImmortelle, or Life Everlasting, due to the fact that the flowers do not wither, and when dried, their shape and color are perfectly preserved.  

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Helichrysum's healing power is so potent that studies have shown it to be just as effective in a 1% dilution as it is in the pure 100% essential oil.  This diluted form is an excellent choice for application to skin that has not been broken, but if you are working in a first aid situation with an open wound, you would not want to introduce a carrier oil into the wound, therefor having the pure essential oil on hand is a serious advantage to cleansing and healing the wound as fast as possible.  When I administer this oil to my daughter and her friends, Mothers are amazed to see the speedy healing results.  I never go anywhere without this, it is my Supermama secret weapon against all manner of boo boos.  

Helichrysum is known to remove traumatic energies and aid in the recovery of balance and centeredness: this is a big part of the healing process when an injury occurs.  Many of our products include Helichrysum, as it is one of the most revered medicinal flowers.  A few drops rubbed through the hair or onto the heart chakra is an extremely calming and centering ritual. 

Both Helichrysum and Lavender Essential Oils have a wide range of remarkable medicinal properties, and when combined, are a true powerhouse of healing.  Lavender is considered to be the "Swiss Army Knife of Aromatherapy" and Helichrysum has a unique property unto itself with high amounts of two specific di-ketones that radically stimulate cells to regenerate, aiding in the fading of scars and the prevention of scar tissue.

As we celebrate Mother's Day this year I am honored to share in this universal dance, awakened by this sacred act of selflessness, and humbled to call myself a Mother.  

May you feel loved, held, and cherished as you truly are.

Featured in Paleo Magazine


Scents of Awe was featured in Paleo Magazine in the Feb/March 2014 issue.  

Click here to view the page.

"I really enjoyed the Deodorant Detox article in the December/January issue. Liz mentioned that many people feel they can’t tolerate baking soda under their arm pit – that it irritates them. This experience causes some people to give up on the idea of natural deodorants altogether.

I’m not able to use baking soda on my sensitive skin, nor am I able to use essential oils directly on my armpit, but the organic essential oil blends that are mixed with organic hydrosols and other organic oils are a perfect solution for me. These essential oil blends fuse with your natural smell into a delicious aroma. Keep in mind that your natural scent is the source of many of your primal pheromones – you don’t want to cover that up completely with a heavy deodorant. My boyfriend uses the Primal Skin blend, which is blended to compliment the male pheromone with Silver Fir, Frankincense, Vetiver, Red Cedar, Poplar, Hay, and Sandalwood. It’s irresistible.  I use a blend that compliments female pheromones. I wanted to share with the Paleo Community this great alternative to the toxic deodorants that pollute our lymphatic system. The line that I’ve found most effective and healing is Scents of Awe. These blends are potent anti-cancer & anti-bacterial underarm roll-ons that are incredibly healing and detoxifying. Their proximity to glands and their abundance of active pores make our armpits the perfect pathways for substances to enter the system. When I discovered this about the armpit, I realized that the arm pit is the worst place to be putting toxic chemical deodorants, and the best place to put healing elements. It's Paleo pore paradise!

Scents of Awe Comes to Abbot Kinney


Scents Of Awe was invited by Westbrook Maker to join a beautiful artistic collective that opened on Abbot Kinney in Venice recently.  It’s an honor to be involved with this great group of artists.  Stop in and check out the beautiful hand made goods from very talented local artisans.


‘With the recent influx of big-name stores like Lucky brand making their way onto Venice’s historically indie Abbot Kinney Blvd, there’s been some heated talk that the neighborhood is losing its quirky, homegrown charm. The partners behind avant-garde West Hollywood retailer H. Lorenzo, however, are bucking the chain store trend with their new, multi-brand venture Left House.

The shop, which opened this past Saturday, provides a platform to showcase the talents of emerging local artisan designers. Offerings include felt and leather toppers from milliner Westbrook Maker, ethereal boho jewelry by H.O.W.L., beaded leather bracelets by M. Cohen and colorful casualwear from Japanese-bred denim brand Kapital. Each line occupies its own “brand atelier” in the four-room space at 1629 Abbot Kinney.’—Ashley Heaton for RACKED

“They can make an office, a workshop and their own store…..It allows young designers to emerge. This is the future of retail.”-Veteran L.A. couturier Henry Duarte

We have been collaborating with Henry Duarte on some new custom packaging designs, we’ll keep you posted on that and more.

Blessings to You!

May you be Inspired, Informed, and Indomitable!


From Head to Toe Product Guide




Scents of Awe creations can all be enjoyed simultaneously, and several products have multiple uses.  They each resonate harmonic frequencies and empower one another when combined within.  Communing with these essences is a sacred act, they will guide you as you become acquainted with one another.  I believe we are each magnetically drawn to the healing we are in need of.  Tune into your body and trust your instincts, the oils will accompany you in your transformation and help restore your body to its natural state of balance and vibrant health.  


'Shamanic Smudge'

Spray above your head before meditation, yoga, upon rising and before bed to cleanse your aura and purify your airspace.

'Crown Your Life'

Massage a drop or two into your scalp to stimulate hair growth and call in protection from spiritual realms as you open your crown chakra and activate your higher brain.  

'Indigo Vision Quest'

Anoint your third eye with a drop to open the pineal gland and stimulate higher consciousness. Great for meditation, yoga, clarity of mind, focus of intention, and before bed to aid in astral travel.  I also love to apply a drop under my nose to perfume my inner being with the potent blend of these sacred essences.  The Ormus Gold in this blend is very potent and accelerates the manifestation of your mind, close monitoring of your thoughts and intentions is highly recommended.


'Skin Sanctuary'

This oil is excellent for all over body care.  You can start by washing your face with it which is an ancient oil cleansing method: oil dissolves oil.  Massage a few pumps onto your face, lifting dirt and impurities.  Exfoliate with a very warm washcloth, removing makeup and repeat if necessary.  Finish with an additional pump to moisturize.  The best way to apply this blend to your entire body is after showers while the skin is still wet, a few pumps is all you need to help retain moisture and beautify your skin.  The Sea Buckthorn Berry in this blend provides a bit of SPF protection as well.


Men and women alike adore this revitalizing oil.  You can cleanse and moisturize your face with this potent anti-cancer blend.  Massage a few pumps into your face, lifting dirt and impurities.  Exfoliate with a very warm washcloth, and repeat if necessary.  Finish with an additional pump to moisturize.  The Ormus Gold in this blend is highly restorative and activating, monitoring your thoughts and intentions is highly recommended.  The bottle should be kept a couple feet away from technology and strong magnets.


This oxygenating blend is highly restorative and nourishing, improves skin elasticity, and can also be used to cleanse the face.  Massage a few pumps into your face, lifting dirt and impurities.  Exfoliate with a very warm washcloth, repeat if necessary.  Finish with an additional pump to moisturize. The Sea Buckthorn Berry provides a bit of SPF protection.

'Rose Immortal'

Luxuriously restorative, this blend is a bed of roses.  I apply to my neck and chest before bed to invite this dreamy garden into my being.  Also great for nourishing the face day and night, and you can apply to chest to clear the heart chakra and bring emotions into balance.

'Gloriously Green'

Apply a nickel size to your face and let it work it's magic for a minute or two.  Exfoliate with a very warm washcloth to remove dirt and makeup and repeat if necessary.  



'Love Song'

Spray over face and chest and on the back of your neck for instant hydration.  I keep this on hand wherever I am, and delight in this heavenly mist before bed and upon rising.  Perfect for calming baby beds and perfuming pillows, and a luxurious companion while traveling.

'Lavender Wand'

Spray over face and chest and on the back of your neck for instant hydration.  Keep beside bed for enhanced relaxation and pillow freshening.  Babies love this sweet shower of flowers.




A decadent face cream for day and night.  Extremely nourishing and hydrating, this potent anti-cancer powerhouse also provides a bit of SPF protection for day use, and is packed with rejuvenating and restorative essences that serenade your cells while you sleep.  



'Scar Creme'

Can be applied anywhere on the body, this restorative blend radically stimulates cells to regenerate.  An excellent companion for new and old scars, and aids in a speedy recovery post surgery.

'Anti-Fungal Jungle'

Apply topically on face and body to help bring skin into balance.  Excellent for use on acne prone skin, fungal rashes, and any suspicious outbreaks.  Also excellent on feet and in between toes to clear any imbalances.

'Breathe As One'

Rub a dab under you nose and inside your nostrils for purification and protection while traveling, and in public spaces.  I keep this on hand at all times and love to apply before bed and upon rising for a deeper connection to my breath.  Can also be used as a foot rub to aid in recovery of illness and prolonged cough.


Use this versatile creme for everything from moisturizing under eyes, lips, and to protect and heal baby bums and rash.  A great universal healing companion wherever you are, also makes an excellent addition to any first aid kit.

'Little Star Sunscreen'

This concentrated sunscreen is pure nature, safe for babies yet strong enough for surfers. A little goes a very long way!  I keep this on hand in the summer for those warm days at the beach where prolonged sun is desired.  Just a dab on my babies face and shoulders is all it takes most days.


'Fresh Start'

Spray as much as desired into mouth while aimed at throat.  Excellent brushing companion, I use after tongue cleansing, and keep on hand while out in public for refreshing after meals and before meetings.


This dental oil can replace the paste or enhance your flossing ritual. Apply two drops to your dry toothbrush and brush. Apply a drop to your finger and run your floss through to aid in the oxygenation and restoration of those small spaces in between the teeth; also great applied directly to gums to promote healing. Smile makes a great companion throughout the day; a few drops under the tongue to boost immune is very refreshing.

'Pearly White Paste'

Just a dab of this paste on you toothbrush aids in cleansing and brushing rituals.  For a magical foaming and further cleansing effect: After brushing with this paste (and before rinsing) add a tsp of Apple Cider Vinegar to your mouth and brush again with this wonderfully whitening foaming chemical reaction in your mouth.  It's fun for the whole family to enjoy!



Speak Your Truth'

Apply a drop or two to your throat chakra, located in the dip at the bottom of your neck.  Can also be applied anywhere else on the body where it's soothing anti-inflammatory assistance is desired.  Our throat chakra is the seat of our creativity, revitalizing the flow of energy is wonderful before public speaking, singing, and in those moments where holding your Qi and speaking your truth is imperative.

'Radical Relief'

Roll this potent anit-inflammatory blend directly onto trouble tension areas for immediate relief and cooling.  The stainless steel roller ball adds to the soothing effect as a pressure point massage wand.  I keep this on hand wherever I go, it helps me relax the tension in my neck while driving, and a bit under my nose really wakes me up when I need a boost.



'Sweet Sweat'

This deodorizing blend rolls under the arm to directly access the axillary lymph nodes and breast tissue with powerful anti-cancer properties, transmuting your own unique fragrance into sweet healing sweat.  

'Primal Skin'

This aphrodisiac blend is a sensual synergy of anti-cancerous and hormonally balancing essences for both men and women.  An exotic deodorant that rolls on underarms or anywhere you desire it's sensual charm.  


'Heroic Heart'

Roll this angelically potent heart opening blend directly onto heart chakra, which is located between the breasts in the center of the breastbone.  Great before bed and to keep on hand in times of emotional disturbances to aid in the digestion of traumatic experience and grief.  Increases circulation as well centering the heart, promoting calm, peacefulness, and forgiveness. 

'Fire belly'

A potent digestive blend to awaken the power of the solar plexus, a drop or two on the belly (just above the naval) emboldens our abilty to translate vision into reality.  Also great for easing tummy upsets and aiding digestion after meals.

'Lymph & Liver'

Roll this potent blend directly onto your liver (which is located just to the right of your stomach) to stimulate the lymphatic system and promote liver detoxification while increasing circulation. 

'Bathroom Bliss' & 'Christmas Spirit' can both sprayed anywhere in the home to purify the air; they are excellent refreshers in bathrooms, sleeping spaces, and in cars. 

The exotic scents of 'Nymph''King''Queen', and 'Epoch' can all be enjoyed anywhere on the body, rubbed into the hair for longer lasting scent pleasure, and each are uniquely decadent enhancements to your personal perfume.



'Sea Star'

This potent anti-cancer blend assists with the hormonal balancing of Progesterone and Estrogen, and is an excellent companion for any woman in need of support and pain relief associated with PMS and Menopause.  Rub a few pumps onto your womb, and anywhere else you feel guided.  

'Star Child'

This perfume can also be applied anywhere on the body, and is gentle enough for any age.  My daughter loves this, she applies it to her friends and herself and the delicious scent makes everyone happy!

'Dream Weaver'

Massage a few pumps of this calming blend into your skin to serenade your cells into relaxation, anti-inflammation, and sweet slumber.  This is perfect after bedtime baths for babes and adults alike.  I rub this on my daughters back and tummy before bed.  The chamomiles in this blend are very supportive and boost immune function; Dream Weaver is gentle yet potent and supports the healing process during illness at all ages.

'Fearlessly Free'

This decadently fragrant blend assists in freeing the sensual passions of your sacral chakra. Massage a few drops into your sacral (just below your belly button) and to your lower back to inspire fearlessness and total freedom. An excellent companion for sensual rituals, and can also be applied as a perfume anywhere on the body.




You can apply a drop or two of this root chakra oil to the soles of the feet for earthing rituals, as well massaging a drop into the base of the spine.  An awesome enhancement for barefoot gardening, and grounding oneself.

'Dream Creme'

This is one of my favorite sleep enhancement rituals.  We detox during sleep, and rubbing a bit of this decadent creme on your clean feet before bed is an excellent way to promote deep sleep and stimulate detoxification enzymes.  I created it out of desperation for more sleep as a nursing and co-sleeping mother, but it quickly became a favorite ritual for the whole family. It's an awesome reminder after a long day to give your feet a little loving touch. Massage a bit onto the tops and soles of your feet. Just seconds after application the effects can be felt throughout the body and in the brain.  My family uses this religiously, and my daughter loves to dig her fingers into the jar and tries to get as much as she can!