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Throughout my life I have felt my maternal instincts deep within.  Working with children through the years, I was able to understand the role of a mother only slightly, and I often wondered how my spirit would continue to expand in the presence of my own child.  These changes were beyond profound, and in the moment we conceived our star child, I transitioned into the all encompassing realm of Mother.

I had already been mentoring children from all walks of life for many years at this point, and I had adopted them into my heart joyfully, holding the space that was available to help guide them toward the healthiest, happiest, and most fulfilling path they could imagine.  What had started out as musical therapy, became a much more in depth experience of mutual transformation when I began working with children who were fighting terminal and chronic illnesses.  After having observed that their parents were quite overwhelmed, I stepped into a role of deep investigation into their personal ailments, and rapidly gathered any and all information that could assist in their healing journey toward perfect health.  This began in the realm of organic food, pure water, and superfood supplements, but it did not end there.  There really is no end to the powerful healing essences our Great Mother Earth has provided for our every need.  We need only to continue to seek out and expand into these magical blessings of harmonic resonance to discover for ourselves the true medicines that can assist us in becoming the most vibrant versions of ourselves.

This magnificent journey has inspired the creation of these skin and soul care products. Each of my blends has been created for specific ailments intended for a close friend or family member, and the healing results of their use has been truly awe inspiring.  The most universally relevant creations I offer now to you.   All ingredients are made with organic, wildcrafted, biodynamic, and hydro-distilled essences.  All packaging is in Miron violet glass, which is known to preserve and enhance the quality of the essences it contains.


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In all of my research I have found a cornerstone that is central to most major solutions to the problems we all face in our world today ~


It has been shown that when you invest in a woman, you fund an entire community. The ways most women invest their efforts are in line with the values that aim to uplift one and all with a collective approach often seen in colonies of insects that have developed over millions of years with highly efficient social structures that operate as one HIVE MIND MENTALITY of interdependence, taking into account the myriad ways we all need one another throughout our journey of life. 

photo by Cosmic Collage

photo by Cosmic Collage

Scents of Awe was started as an act of protective devotion to my daughter Lila Polaris.  She is my North Star, my guiding light, and the honor of rising into the role of mothering her has been a homecoming to my truest self, igniting my greatest passion and purpose. 

There is an old Sanskrit word, lila, which means play, richer than our word, it means divine play, the play of creation, destruction, and re-creation, the folding and unfolding of the cosmos. Lila, free and deep, is both the delight and enjoyment of this moment, and the play of God. It also means love.

Lila may be the simplest thing there is spontaneous, childish, disarming. But as we grow and experience the complexities of life, it may also be the most difficult and hard-won achievement imaginable, and its coming to fruition is a kind of homecoming to our true selves.

- From Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art by Stephen Nachmanovitch.

Learning to mother has been a lifelong process for me, one that continues to challenge me daily to rise into my highest potential. One central element to the health of my process has been a strong community of women supporting and inspiring me all along the way.  We walk the path our ancestors paved for us, and I am so grateful to be able to support my community in the ways that I can. 


Throughout my experiences working with kids of all ages and from all walks of life, my entire adult life I have been deeply inspired to be of service and to contribute to the lives of future generations in a meaningful way.   
The spark of awe in my heart has been nurtured by experiencing firsthand the transformative power of sacred connection and the supportive balancing aspect of nature connection and collective mothering.  Becoming a mother to my daughter potentiated this work I had been doing for years.  Overall, my passion is focused on empowering children and mothers by inspiring, educating, and nurturing those that are on the frontlines of the future.


As I have witnessed throughout my life, women are miracle makers, and when they act in alignment with the values of collective health, lives are supported and massive growth and healing can occur.  It has been inspiring to review with my daughter the many wonderful women working wonders in our world today.  Her joy at learning about their dedication, persistence, and empowering encouragement fuels her passion and helps define her values at her young age. Like most children, she loves helping others, and the more inspiring helpers she is aware of, the more focused she can be about choosing the ways in which she feels most passionate and able to contribute to the work ahead.  


ISIRIKA is a Maragoli word that means living a pragmatic way of life that embraces charity, service, and philanthropy all together. The essence of ISIRIKA is to make it clear to everybody that you are your sisters keeper, and your brothers keeper, mutual responsibility for caring for one another.  A simple translation would be “equal generosity” but the deep philosophical meaning is caring for one another, together.     

- Dr. Musimbi Kanyoro



The bee society is a great example of how to thrive. These sacred insects undergo complete metamorphosis during their lifespan. Honeybees are social experts, living together in highly organized colonies. Each member has a specific, and vital job to do. A single honeybee cannot grow or survive by itself.  In many ways a honeybee colony is like a single animal and individual bees are like the cells and tissues of one living organism. When one part of a honeybee hive is threatened, the whole colony acts. If an essential segment of a colony becomes diseased or destroyed, the colony often can recover by working together. 

“a bee in her lifetime makes only 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey” — a tiny fraction of the hundred pounds of honey that a typical colony needs to survive. “The most remarkable thing isn’t that she does the work; it’s that she doesn’t even do it for herself,” she adds.

A bee won’t directly benefit from the honey she makes; instead, it will allow future generations to thrive after she is gone. This too is how we can change the world — by not worrying about the size of our contributions and by letting our efforts join the actions of others.

- From the TED series on ‘How To Be A Better Human”

Each of us has a great diversity of experience, and together as parents of this age, we can support one another in our individual and collective efforts to acclimate our children to the current issues facing humanity.  As a collective, we can be a living example to help inspire them to participate in the solutions that will help restore the balance of our planet’s healthy future as a whole.  

From recent predictions, by the time my 8 year old daughter is 20, climate change will be irreversible if urgent action is not taken now.  If we each focus on our part, we can rise to the occasion of our greatest collective work yet.  These are all-hands-on-deck times, and the future is within our grasp if we can each take a step forward everyday toward finding our roles in this global work. 

Everyday I work toward uncovering where it is that I can be living more in the solutions and architecting our lives to align with what is best for all.  For me, the Scents Of Awe products help to calm me when I feel overwhelm, and help to center and uplift my spirits, directing my focus back to the core values of contributing to the day in a meaningful and present way.  

The rituals I create for myself and my daughter are sacred moments and opportunities for deep connection.   I am thankful to be on this journey together alongside all of the heroically hearted women in this world who rise everyday to be a living example of the greatness of humanity. 

We are molding this movement together, and I am deeply grateful for the support I feel as I connect with Mother Nature.   May we each be nurtured by our love and dedication to one another, and may we leave a clear path for all those that follow in our footsteps.