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Throughout my life I have felt my maternal instincts deep within.  Working with children through the years, I was able to understand the role of a mother only slightly, and I often wondered how my spirit would continue to expand in the presence of my own child.  These changes were beyond profound, and in the moment we conceived our star child, I transitioned into the all encompassing realm of Mother.

I had already been mentoring children from all walks of life for many years at this point, and I had adopted them into my heart joyfully, holding the space that was available to help guide them toward the healthiest, happiest, and most fulfilling path they could imagine.  What had started out as musical therapy, became a much more in depth experience of mutual transformation when I began working with children who were fighting terminal and chronic illnesses.  After having observed that their parents were quite overwhelmed, I stepped into a role of deep investigation into their personal ailments, and rapidly gathered any and all information that could assist in their healing journey toward perfect health.  This began in the realm of organic food, pure water, and superfood supplements, but it did not end there.  There really is no end to the powerful healing essences our Great Mother Earth has provided for our every need.  We need only to continue to seek out and expand into these magical blessings of harmonic resonance to discover for ourselves the true medicines that can assist us in becoming the most vibrant versions of ourselves.

This magnificent journey has inspired the creation of these skin and soul care products. Each of my blends has been created for specific ailments intended for a close friend or family member, and the healing results of their use has been truly awe inspiring.  The most universally relevant creations I offer now to you.   All ingredients are made with organic, wildcrafted, biodynamic, and hydro-distilled essences.  All packaging is in Miron violet glass, which is known to preserve and enhance the quality of the essences it contains.


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Sit with yourself.  Take a deep breath.  Connect with your heart.  With eyes closed, spritz the Shamanic Smudge over your head and the surrounding space, about 5-10 sprays.  Take another deep breath, bringing these ancient plant essences into your lungs and bloodstream.   Thank them for all they are present to witness, to teach you, and to help you release.  See yourself cleansed, purified, and protected.

Find your third eye (about an inch above your eyebrows in the center of your forehead).  Roll the Indigo Vision Quest over it.  Feel your pineal gland activated.  See your inner light expanding.  Listen to the melody of your heartsong singing through your breath.  Expand into this space knowing there is wisdom from within longing to connect with your awareness.  These guiding energies await your awareness to bring you closer to your most authentic truth.  The vision you seek is the whisper within.

Massage the Scar Creme into any closed wounds, scars, or any part of your body that feels trapped in the past. Thank the essences for assisting with your cellular restoration.  Release the trauma of your wound by connecting with the physical, spiritual, and emotional restoration.  Bring your awareness to this part of yourself, and hold an intention for healing and complete rejuvenation.  See yourself new, perfect, as you are. 

Bring your hands to your heart.  Feel the rhythm of your life beating within.  Thank your organ of perception for the wisdom it holds.  Open your heart chakra while rolling the Heroic Heart in a circular motion several times, massaging the essences into your skin while forgiving yourself.  Let it go with love. Open your ribcage with your fingertips in a gentle featherlike motion, releasing all that no longer serves you.  Thank your past for all it has taught you, and bring that wisdom to the center of your being to enlighten this moment with your inner knowing. Repeat until you are reconnected with your childlike wonder.  Believe in the hero you came into existence to become.  

The Quiet Mind



There is a silence.

A stillness, deep within.

An absence of patterns,

Where light and shadow blend.


To the darkness

Of the Void of the Unknown.


Total nothingness

That thunders all alone.

Travel into the pulsing of

Silent time or space.

The quite mind

brings calmness,

Infinite, eternal grace.

Born inside silence,

Is the will---to be.

Chaos becomes order,

The holiness of life----

The unfolding of Great Mystery.

-Jamie Sams